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 If you have any information on IRC or Green Stamps required for returning QSL cards to the United States please send me an e-mail or fill out this form. Updates are always welcome.

 The Daily DX has a useful QSL managers list that is open to the public. Bernie, W3UR provides very accurate information and I highly recommend his site and newsletter.

IRC's Required to return a QSL to the United States

Just what is an IRC?

Country IRC's GreenStamp Source Date Notes
 Aland Isl. 1 1  OH1BOI Oct-08-1999  
 Argentina 1 2  LU6EF Dec-10-2001 13
 Armenia 2* 2  EK4JJ Mar-06-2001  
 Australia 1* 2  VK6HD Feb-28-2007 15
 Austria 1 2*  OE1AZS Aug-20-2005  
 Balearic Isl. 1 2  EA5RM Jan-02-2009 15
 Belarus 1 1  EU7SA Feb-27-2005 15
 Belgium 1 1*  ON4CAS Dec-23-2002  
 Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 1*  T93Y Sep-18-2003 15
 Brazil 1 1  PT7WA Oct-10-1999  
 Bulgaria 1* 1  LZ1PJ Nov-13-2002  
 Cambodia Not Valid 1  XU7ABN Dec-30-2001 11
 Canada (to USA) 1 1  VA7EWK Jan-12-2004  
 Canada (to others) 2 2  VA7EWK Jan-12-2004  
 Canary Isl. 1 2  EA5RM Jan-03-2005  
 Cape Verde 1 1  D44BS Jul-14-2006  
 Ceuta-Melilla 1 2  EA5RM Jan-03-2005  
 Chile 1* 1  CE3SAD Jul-16-2001  
 China 1 1*  BA4RF Dec-21-2001  
 Colombia Not Valid 2  HK3JJH Feb-08-2003 7
 Costa Rica 1 1  TI4SU Sep-10-2003 15
 Croatia 2 3  9A3NM Jan-03-2012  
 Cyprus 1 1  5B4AGC Sep-19-03 15
 Czech Republic 1 1  OKDXF Mar-22-2000  
 Denmark 1 2  OZ1ACB Jun-17-2000  
 Easter Isl. 1 2  XQØYAF Oct-10-1999  
 Egypt Not Valid 1  SU1SK Jun-11-2002  
 El Salvador Not Valid 1  YS1CF Aug-06-2001 5
 Estonia 1 1  ES1FB aPR-29-2004  
 Finland 1 1  OH1BOI Oct-08-1999  
 France 1 2  F6AJA Aug-07-2005  
 Germany 1 2  K5SWW Nov-20-2011  
 Greece 1 1  SV1DPI Feb-27-2003  
 Greenland 1 2  OX3DB (via N1LDY) Dec-08-2004  
 Guatemala 1 1  TG9AJR Jun-06-2004  
 Guernsey 1 1  MUØFAL Sep-19-2003 15
 Hungary 1 2*  HA9PP May-31-2005  
 India 1  Various   16
 Indonesia 1    W4JS QSL Mgr for YBØIR Mar-12-2008 16
 Iran Not Valid 2  EP3SMH Mar-17-2001 5
 Ireland Not Valid 2  EI80IRTS (via NF8I) Nov-12-2012  
 Isle of Man (worldwide) 1 2  GD6IA Feb-28-2007  
 Isle of Man (EU only) 1 1  GD6IA Feb-28-2007  
 Italy 2 2  I2YSB Aug-27-2004  
 Jan Mayen 1 2  LA7DFA Mar-03-2003  
 Japan 2 2  JA3CZY Feb-22-2005 8
 Kuwait 1 1  9K2UB Oct-21-1999 6
 Laos 1* 1  XWØX Nov-08-2001 3
 Libya Not Valid 2  5A1A Mar-06-2001 5, 10
 Lebanon Not Valid 1  OD5PL Oct-18-1999 5
 Luxembourg 1 1  LX1NO Jun-27-2004  
 Mexico 1 1  XE2FL Mar-07-2003  
 Mongolia 1 1  JT1CD Dep-04-2004 17
 Netherlands Antilles 2 2  PJ2MI Aug-27-2004  
 New Caledonia 1 2  FK8VHN Jun-30-2000  
 New Zealand 1 2  ZL2HU Jul-13-2005 15
 Norway 1 3  LA9VDA Oct-13-2009  
 Papua New Guinea See Note 2  P29ZAD Aug-13-2006 20
 Paraguay Not Valid 2  ZP5YW Nov-14-2002 12
 Philippines 1 1  DU1ODX Oct-10-1999 4
 Poland 1 1  SQ9FVR Apr-05-2002  
 Portugal 1 2  CT1GFK Via W0BCA Feb-22-2005  
 Rep. of Georgia 2 2*  4L1UN Mar-06-2001  
 Romania 1 1  YO3CTK Oct-19-1999  
 Russia A & E 1 1  EU7SA Feb-27-2005  
 Serbia/Monttenegro 1 2  YZ1EW Aug-04-2004 15
 So. Africa 2 1  ZS6EZ Feb-08-2000  
 So. Korea 1 1  HL5NLQ Aug-14-2005  
 Netherlands Antilles 2 2  PJ2MI Aug-27-2004  
 Scotland 1* 1  MMØBQN Apr-26-2007  
 Singapore 1 1  9V1VV Mar-08-2003  
 Slovak Republic 1* 2  OM7RC Sep-10-2009  
 Slovenia 1 2  S57DX Jan-03-2004 15
 Spain 1 2  EA5RM Jan-)#-2005  
 Sri Lanka 1 1  4S7DA Oct-08-1999  
 Svalbard 1 2  LA7DFA Mar-03-2003  
 Sweden 1 2*  SM5LWC May-22-2006 19
 Switzerland (B) 2 1  HB9HFN Jun-08-2005 15
 Tajikistan 2    PJ2MI Aug-27-2004  
 Turkey 1 1  TA3J Aug-06-2004  
 Ukraine 1 1  UT1UW Jan-26-2004  
 United Kingdom 1 2  G3SWH via K9MM Apr-28-2005 15
 Uruguay 1 2  CX3AL Oct-10-1999  
 Venezuela 1 1  YV1DIG Apr-22-2013  
 Western Malaysia 1 1  9M2CNC Dec-11-2005 18

IRC = The number of IRC's the local Post Office requires to mail a envelope containing a QSL to USA.
GreenStamp's = Money rounded up to next dollar (US$) required to mail an envelope containing a QSL to USA.
An * after the IRC or GS amount indicates the PREFERRED currency.

  3. The Daily DX Reports: Hiroo, XW0X, reminds everyone that sending US dollar$ to Laos is not a good idea. He says, "It is not a violation (to have $)", however the average postman in Laos makes about $17 a month. The temptation is very high to take these envelopes. He asks that you please send IRCs to Laos.
  4. Manila post office will exchange IRC's. Outlying Post Offices will not.
  5. IRC's are not accepted in this country.
  6. An IRC in Kuwait is only accepted if it is new and clearly stamped and the country name is shown clearly, otherwise it's not accepted.
  7. Actual cost of regular mail in Colombia is us $1.65 and IRC are not accepted in post office here. Pedro, HK3JJH
  8. Airmail postage from Japan is 110 Yen. At today's exchange rate US$1 is not quite enough.
  9. A GS is sufficient for postage with slight surplus to offset QSL printing. An IRC is sufficient for postage only.
  10. Registered Mail Strongly suggested. (ed. If you don't use registered mail just take the card and the GreenStamps and throw them in the nearest trash can. Hi Hi)
  11. Thanks to Bernie, W3UR (The Daily DX) for passing on this information.
  12. According to ZP5YW in Paraguay IRC's are not valid, and two (2) GreenStamps are required.Thanks to W8OI for passing on this information.
  13. According to Raul, LU6EF, at current exchange rates, LU stations will need 2 GreenStamps for return postage. One IRC will cover Return postage.
  15. New Style IRC's only.
  16. GS are illegal or not recommended.
  17. IRC's can only be redeemed in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. If your not sure the station is near the capital it is suggested to use GS.
  18. Only new IRCs are accepted. In addition the IRCs must be stamped on the left hand side. Blank IRCs or French style department number IRCs are not accepted.
  19. "There are no post offices any more in Sweden! There are only a few postal service centers in the major cities. All IRCs have to be redeemed at those places. They are still valid in Sweden but many SM hams have a long way to travel to the postal service centers and the knowledge about everything else but selling stamps and handling payments is almost zero among postal clerks nowadays. Even in the largest cities the clerks does not know how to handle IRCs so please do not send them. Green stamps can easily be reused for outgoing QSLs."
  20. "For Papua New Guinea, the PNG Post Office ( says they will take IRC, but in reality they are Not Valid. Please make the correction on your site. Postage is about $1.80 US so 2 green stamps are required from all my friends (P29NB, P29BW, P29SS, P29KPH, P29TL)" - Jerry - P29ZAD

 A couple of foreign hams remind us to check the exchange rate. Sometimes $1 US is less than postage, sometimes it's more. Also, sometimes the foreign ham has to pay a fee to exchange GS's for the local currency. This fee is frequently more than the GS!

 Please feel free to use this information and pass it along to other Amateur's.

Please!! your help is needed to add to this list.

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